My entry for MicroJam 3! And turns out you need more than a single week to actually learn how to use an entire new engine lol.

move with UP(or left) and DOWN arrow keys, attack with Z.

That's already the second time in a row I'm rushing a submission, but unlike last time, this one's barely a game yet, so I'll definitelly still give priority to finishing this one over the next days. That was my first time ever using any engine other than Construct tho, so gimme a discount!

I added a kill counter, but it's only temporary, I just wanted to pretend you actually have an objective here, but don't get it wrong, there's no fail state for now. You can appreciate my fabulous sprites tho!
The hitboxes are still pretty wonky btw

for the jam's theming of three, the game basically takes place in 3 lanes and there's 3 different kinds of enemies, and each has an HP that's a multiple of 3. (each one was going to have an exclusive skill as well, but for now only the slimes does)

I'll leave the page with default appearance for now lol, but I'll make it fancier with my usual sepparation for topics and a quick story when this game is actually a game. Althought I think I'll put the story inside the game this time around, since this is a sequel/spin-off of my old Magic OverCharge, that did have in-game story, even if as simple as it was lol.

I'll post the game on as well, but only when I finish it, I'm just posting on itch now to not miss the deadline.

Well that's it for now I guess, see you soon!

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