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this game is great and hard very g00d

thank you :)

The spikes do not really read as spikes, I think maybe shuffling between black and white colors would be nice, probably could have just the glitchy tiles, due to the glitchy main character I was not really sure of my location in space, also when you are super small it does become tough to determine where the player is.  Also took a little time for me to figure out my objective.

thanks for the information, i will try to improve this in future games :)

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i tested all the levels and it all are possible but some its a bit hard but with some pratice you can finish the game

It's okay for a game that's made quickly but you really need to spend more time making it easier to play, It's near impossible to see where the player is and I could not get past level four. 

ok, thanks for the hint. this is the first game i published, so im a beginner as a developer  yet, hints and critics may help me to improve :)