A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for Geta Game jam 9

A short puzzle game with some shooter/bullet hell sections. The game would be longer but my "puzzle design sense" sucks, so i released the game short anyway, but in compensation the last puzzle (the only one if you don't consider the tutorial) is slightly hard and need to think a bit to solve it

the jam had a challenge to make the sound effects with my mouth so, here it is, appreciate my talent :D


Change SidesLinux.zip 77 MB
Change SidesMAc.zip 105 MB
Change SidesWindows.zip 75 MB

Install instructions

For some reason itch.io isn't letting me make the game browser playable so you will need to download it :/ (if you know how to fix this plz tell me)

well unzip files, open the folders, run the compass thingy called "nw"

for Mac users: unzip files, keep opening folders until you see a foulder called "MacOS", open it and run "nwjs"

sorry if the game is too heavy to dowload, i really dislike making downloadable games cause i don't have idea on how optimize them or making them lighter :(


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Great idea, really like the mood change when you turn into the fire character - with the music and the attack speed, feels really good. Interesting puzzles too!

Thank you very much :D